Medieval Musings

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Medieval musings bring you lots of giggles from the middle ages.

Back then they had court jesters to entertain the royal courts with all sorts of jokes, puns and riddles.

Imagine the likes of sorcerers, dragons, knights, and royalty.

Magic spells, potions, wizards,castles and moats conjure up all sorts of great giggles.

And maybe a few groans!

We'll keep you giggling with all sorts of magical mutterings.


What did the toad say when the princess would not kiss him?

Warts the matter with you?


What did the king say watching the rowboat go around the moat?

Looks like it's in oar-bit!


Why did the king's butler wear a coat of armor?

Because he was a Sir-vant!


What do you call the young royal who keeps falling down?

Prince Harming!


Where does the queen keep the seeds for her garden?

In the flower tower!


How does the king power the castle?

With his dungeon-erator!


What do you call the stone cats guarding the castle doors?



What do you call a cat that flies over the castle wall?

A cat-a-pult!


What game do the fish play in the moat?

Trout or dare!


Where do the fish in the moat never want to end up?

On squid row!

What did the fish say to the other when the horse fell in the moat?

See horse!


What do you call an angry princess just awakened from a long sleep?

Slapping beauty!


How did the prince get into the castle when the drawbridge was broken?

He used a rowmoat!


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Bright Knight Not rated yet
What did the jester say to the ten foot tall knight while shielding his eyes from the glare of the other's armor? "With so much knight you'd think it'd …

Mythical Creature Not rated yet
What is a beverage but also a mythical creature? Sprite!

Shhhhhhhh Not rated yet
What is so delicate saying its name breaks it? Silence

Medieval Housing Not rated yet
Sticks and stones will make my home, Because bricks are over rated!

Mooing Knock Knock Not rated yet
Knock, Knock! Who's there? Interrupting cow! Interr.... Moooooooo!

Have you ever seen a Duchess?  Not rated yet
Have you ever seen a Duchess? It is the same as an English S!

They had dentists back then? Not rated yet
Why did the king go to the dentist? To get his teeth crowned!

Sending Messages Not rated yet
What happens to an envelope when you lick it? Nothing, it just shuts up!

King Arthur Not rated yet
Who invented King Arthur's round table? Sir Cumference!

It's An Oldie But A Goodie! Not rated yet
Q: Why did the king go to the dentist? A: To get his teeth crowned. Q: Have you ever seen a Duchess? A: Yes--it's the same as an English "s". …

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